What Is A Laser Printer?

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What Is A Laser Printer?

What Is A Laser Printer

Since we have done a lot of discussions on laser printers and well, this whole website is based around them, some of you may be wondering what a laser printer is. This is a common question for anyone who is in the market to buy a new printer because there is a big difference between a regular, ink printer and a laser printer. We have decided to take this time to educate you a little further about laser printers, what they do, how they are designed, and a little bit about their history. We are strong believers that you should know a product before you buy it, so you know what exactly you are getting in to.

What Is A Laser Printer

A laser printer is the technology needed to complete what is known as laser printing. It is a process that does electrostatic digital printing. This process produces texts and graphics in high quality, extremely quickly. This type of machines don’t use ink like a traditional printer, in fact there is only toner inside of the machine. What happens is the laser scans over a charged drum, which then takes the collective image and transfers that image on to the paper. The machine then spits the paper out to produce high quality prints within a matter of seconds.

What Is A Laser Printer

History Of The Laser Printer

When you hear terms being used like electrostatic and laser, you are thinking to yourself how much history can this piece of technology have. Most people are surprised to learn that laser printers are much older than you think. Xerox invented the laser printer in 1969. It only took a year to perfect this new technology to produce quality prints that were producing more images then a basic typewriter and using less ink then a traditional printer. Since these laser printers are great for prints, they made their business debut in offices in 1981.

The Design Of Laser Printers

Though Xerox broke down the walls for laser technology, in today’s time, there are multiple companies that are taking advantage of this technology. Every brand is going to produce a different design. Since most companies are using the idea of laser printers, companies have to work with the features and the design in order to gain a competitive advantage. Some companies are working on more compact design to make the printer simpler to store, where others are working on features that will stand out. The point is, there are multiple different designs of a laser printer, all that do the same thing.

Laser printers give the impression that they are new technology, when in fact they have been around for quite a few decades. Every company is going to offer different designs and features, so finding a printer may not always be easy. You can check out some of our other articles to help you decide on the best printer for you. If you haven’t already, you can also check out other educational articles like Why You Need A Laser Printer, to give you the additional boost to get a printer of your own.


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